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Indian Overseas Congress, USA strongly condemns the fatal terrorist attack on its Jawans

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Story Dated: Sunday, February 17, 2019 09:26 hrs UTC

The Indian Overseas Congress, USA, condemned the dastardly acts of terrorism perpetrated in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district by Jaish-e-Mohammed Group operating from Pakistani base that killed over 41 brave jawans of the Central Police Reserve Force, in the aftermath of its suicide attack.

Mr. Harbachan Singh, Secretary- General of IOC, USA called on Pakistan to immediately stop providing “safe haven” to these operatives and cease giving them any support. He added that this incident has undoubtedly strengthened our resolve.  India will take aggressive, decisive and forceful action to rid this menace at its borders.  The Indian nation owes the deep condolence and sympathies to the families of the fallen soldiers as we sincerely appreciate and recognize how greatly indebted, we are for the unstinting and ultimate sacrifice that they made for India and its people.

Mr. George Abraham, Vice Chairman of IOC, USA  called it a crime against humanity and asked the United States to evaluate all their military aid programs to Pakistan. " The nations of the world ought to condemn Pakistan for aiding and abetting terrorists in their territory for the specific purpose of disturbing peace and security in the sub-continent and around the world. Pakistan is not interested in peace but instead profiting from the endless conflict in Afganistan and Kashmir" Abraham added.
Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President IOC, USA said that all countries should reexamine their relationship with Pakistan if it does not take appropriate action to curb such criminal and dastardly activities forthwith.  He added that the Congress government has always paid great attention to the safety, security, and welfare of its forces all the time.

Ms. Malini Shah, Vice President of IOC, USA praised the courage of the Jawans and said, “I salute and honor their wives and families for gifting their loved ones and for the eternal sacrifice CPRF made by giving their lives for the Country and its people.  We shall forever remember their bravery in our hearts.

Mr. John Joseph, Vice President, IOC, USA said that, while we mourn the death of these courageous soldiers, it must be noted that India is reputed to have a strong and decisive force and will not allow its borders to be violated or its integrity compromised. India shall undoubtedly fight back.

Harbachan Singh, Seccretary-General
Indian Overseas Congress, USA


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