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Why do I support Aranmula International Airport Project Campaign?

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Story Dated: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 02:31 hrs UTC


Jose Pinto Stephen








Almost a month and half ago Kerala Vision initiated a video campaign in favor of Vizhinjam Mother Port Project and it became a big success. We got lots of positive feedbacks from Pravasi Malayalees all around the world. And by the Grace of God Vizhinjam Mother Port got environmental clearance from the Central Government of India within two weeks from when we started our video campaign. That good news motivated us a lot and at the same period we found the news about the Aranmula International Airport and it’s Environmental clearance from the Government of India. Then the Kerala Vision team decided to start another video campaign in favor of Aranmula International Airport. It is also getting attention from People all around. But this time I got some queries from some of the readers. Some of them were my own friends. They appreciated me for my involvement with the Vizhinjam Mother Port Video Campaign and asked me why did I get involved in Aranmula Airport issue. They also warned me that I might loose my reputation as a free lance Journalist if I continue to involve in Aranmula Airport Promotion Campaign.



I tried to explain them why I am doing it. But they were not able to understand me and my motives behind this mission. I won’t be able to answer to their queries in a one on one basis and so I decided to write this article for all those who want to know my standpoint in this mission. Hope you will understand it and I can clear all doubts from the minds of my critics and friends. First of all let me start with Vizhinjam Mother Port Project. One day I found a video about Vizhinjam Mother Port in one of friend’s facebook page. It was a talk by Elias John the director of NTV. I knew Elias John for several years and still I admire him for his selfless involvement for the progress and development of Kerala Society. So I watched that video and felt like writing about it. I wrote an article about the Vizhinjma Mother Port and I requested the readers to support this dream project. Then I asked Kerala Vision whether we can have a video campaign in favor of this project and that is how this video campaign series started. And within two weeks we were happy to know Vizhinjam Project got approval from the Government of India. Except me, the Kerala Vision team is consisted by people from Central Travencore area and so the proposal to start another video campaign in favor of Aranmula Airtport came forward. In that team I am the only one person from Trivandrum origin. When I proposed Vizhinjam Campaign they all supported it whole-heartedly and involved in it and made it a grand success.



Then how can I say no to them when they propose a project and it is going to help them and their people? So I joined them to promote Aranmula International Airport and decided to continue this mission. And I am doing it with full conviction that it will help the pravasi malayalees hailing from that area. It will change the face of Kerala. It will bring development and huge income to kerala. There are allegations that this project is approved by Central Government because of the involvements and influence from Rich and influential people from outside. It is not my concern to know who is trying to make this project a reality. I do concerned about my state and my people. At least half of all pravasi malayalees are from Central Travencore area and they are the ones bring huge income to our state and this Airport will help them to reduce the time of travel from the airport to their houses and vice versa. Another allegation is that it is not environmental friendly. Here also I want to say it is the responsibility of the government and the people. I am just an ordinary person with extraordinary dreams. So I will continue my journey as a freelance journalist and will try to do my part. And I do believe as a team we can create miracles. I want to be a universal citizen and help our world in general and so you will see my involvement in bigger projects and I would like to have your prayer and support. If you want to share your ideas please feel free to communicate with me through e-mails. My id is I also want you to watch our videos in favor of Aranmula Airport Promotion Campaign.


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